Permanent Eyeliner turns blue grey

Before Permanent Makeup Brows and Liner
After Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Brows and Eyeliner

Common question asked by my clients:

I had permanent eyeliner done in the past.  The original artist used Black pigment.  It looked great at first, but as the pigment faded, it turned Blue Grey.  Why does this happen and what can I do?

As mentioned before, all pigment fades over time.  Carbon Black pigment has a lot of the primary Blue color.  Therefore, as the other colors in the Black fade, the blue color remains.

Touch ups are essential to keeping permanent eyeliner looking fresh and crisp.  If you have blue grey liner, ask the artist to add Orange Pigment to the Black Pigment to counter balance the Blue.  The Orange pigment will turn the blue into a soft brown, and with the added black pigment, the blue will not be noticeable.

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Tweeze, Wax, or Thread Brows?


Tweeze, Wax, or Thread Brows?

The benefits of having your brows waxed or threaded by a professional are that they shape and clean up the brows for you.  It takes the guess work out of tweezing.

However, I find waxing to be painful.  Afterwards, my eyelids are pink and the skin stings for a few minutes afterwards.   Not only does the wax remove unwanted hair, but it also removes layers of the epidermis, leaving skin with a burning sensation.

Threading is my preferred choice of brow hair removal.  The thread pulls out the targeted hair and leaves the skin intact.  Initially, it can be painful, but over time, we become less sensitive.  Most malls now have Threading Salons.

Clients ask me if they should continue to wax or thread after permanent makeup brows.  My answer is, “No”.  Since the shape is already there, just tweeze hair growth below the permanent makeup each month.   Permanent Makeup Brows also takes the guess work out of tweezing.
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The term “Permanent Makeup Touch Up” can be used in many ways.

Before Permanent Makeup Brows
After Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Brows

The term “Touch Up” is used in few ways.  In general, it means you’ve had previous Permanent Makeup procedure(s).

If you’ve never had procedure(s) done, most Permanent Makeup Artists provide a complimentary “touch up” visit 4 weeks after the initial procedure.  This is to allow modifications to the design and color, if needed.

Another common way to use the phrase “touch up”:
Permanent Makeup Touch Ups are procedures for when you notice that the original pigment color is fading.  Typically, it is done annually on brows, and every 15 to 20 months on eyeliner and lips.  An alternative term is “annual color boost”.

Typically it is a one time application where the permanent makeup artist may add more of the  original pigment because it’s faded, or use additional colors to warm or cool down the fading pigment.

Most artists charge per Touch Up Session.  Depending on how much the original pigment has faded, multiple touch ups may be needed.  To keep your makeup looking fresh, annual color boosts are recommended.

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Week 19 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

I’m just going to say it… I love Beans short hair! She did tell me the other day that she (kind of) missed it long. She wanted a bun in her hair and I had to tell her that wasn’t going to happen. For now anyways. A lot of people think short hair is better and say it is wash-and-wear or low-maintenance… I beg-to-differ. I think short hair usually requires more work to look its best. Its

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner options

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

The thickness or thinness of permanent eyeliner is a personal choice.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the width (thickness) of your liner:

1.  All pigment fades over time, nothing is permanent.
2.  Black pigment fades to blue/grey over time, regular touch ups are needed to keep it black.
3.  The thicker the eyeliner, the faded blue/grey is more visible.
4.  There are several colors to choose from: black, brown, teal, blue, purple, etc…
However, my recommendation is to keep it natural looking by using black or brown.  The colors teal, blue, and purple look great at first, but you will ALWAYS look like you’re wearing makeup and the color looks washed out over short period of time.

The most common Eyeliner options are as follows:

1. Permanent Eyelash Enhancer- the artist will tattoo the liner thin and close to the eyelash on both top and bottom.  The purpose of this procedure is to give your eyes definition when not wearing makeup.  For example: mornings, swimming, running, weekend errands, etc…

2.  Permanent Eyeliner– here the pigment is close to the lash line, however, the eyeliner is applied medium in thickness.  The pigment is more visible so the use of topical makeup may or may not be necessary.  However, more touch ups are needed if you want the pigment to stay true black or brown.

3.  Permanent Eyeliner Thick/Smudge– here the pigment is applied thick in width to give the appearance of having smokey eyeshadow applied as top eyeliner.

My recommendation is to stay thin to medium with top eyeliner.  Permanent Makeup should not completely replace your topical makeup.  The goal is to give  your face subtle definition, not harsh lines or colors.  Our goal is to enhance your eyes and lips but not attract attention.  There’s something to be said about looking fresh faced in the morning.  Go for the “Day wear” look, not the “Evening time going out look”.

When others look at you, they should not know that you have permanent makeup, unless you tell them : )
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Elsa Inspired Hairstyle

Are you ready for me to sound egotistical and obnoxious? Just kidding. I hate what I am about to say, but it has to be said. When Frozen first came out a lot of people posted tutorials for Elsa’s Coronation hairstyle. I looked at them and they were all very nice, but they weren’t quit there for me. They were all missing something. So I took a stab at it myself. And this is what I came up with.

Flash Back Friday & a Boy Hair Tip

Holy Smokes—- FRIDAY already! Where did that come from? Well I have a video to share. I planned on getting it posted earlier this week, but it didn’t happen. Since I shot this over three months ago I had better get it posted. It ends kind of abrupt, because I ran out of film, but it works. And it features a great product and a great tip for wetting the hair with little ones who don’t like being

The Stolen Photo Post

1- This one is our Flower Bun I also did a video for this one a little while ago. You can see the video here.
2. I originally called this one Got Time because it takes a bit of time. Its an easy one though. Pull it into a bun instead of a ponytail so you can see the bands go all the way around.
3. This one is from Hairstyles For Girls. It is her Fishtail (or Fishbone) Braid Hairstyle… with a